Take Your Company To New Heights

Corporate Hot Air Balloon Services

Rise Above The Competition

The adoption of a Hot Air Balloon system will provide you with visibility that shouts! It will demonstrate your company’s progressive approach to the market-place. It is a medium in itself…live, full colour, easy to see, with an enormous potential audience wherever it goes.

Unlike Billboards, people will stop, watch, point and take pictures of a balloon. The sight of a Hot Air Balloon rising effortlessly into the sky is a majestic scene, especially when bearing your corporate colours and graphics.

Your balloon will relate its message to thousands with each flight, creating a long-lasting and memorable impression. It is a cost-effective and powerful way to command attention, create interest and convey prestige for your company.

The presence of a Hot Air Balloon at various sites becomes an event in itself. It often generates press coverage by television and print media worth immeasurable dollars in free promotion and publicity. In essence, a Hot Air Balloon creates an auxiliary medium with which to create awareness.

Whether it is an actual flight over a city, or a tethered promotion, each appearance of your balloon puts you at the center of attention and makes your message unique and memorable.